The Lodge at Hogs Head Golf Club

Waterville, Co. Kerry – Client A&M Hogs Head Golf Club


The Lodge at Hogs Head is warm, welcoming and steeped in the tradition of its Kerry, Ireland past. The Lodge has woven together luxurious comfort, old world charm and elegant interiors, which is what makes this 48-bedroom Lodge breath-taking and unique.

The 48-bedrooms have Legrand guest room management system installed providing simple room controls from a selection of locations in the room. The rooms can be set-up for welcome scenes that include setting the room temperature and adjusting the lighting to an ambient level to welcome the resident even before the have opened their room door. 

The Hotel core is controlled by a Vantage infusion controller that manages the lighting and music in all areas including the foyer, waiting lounges, restaurant, bar, private dining and spa. Three control positions are provide via Equinox73 displays. Timed scenes have been created to launch at morning time, evening and nightfall. Astronomical timers manage the external lighting making the system operate in a near autonomous state 24/7.

Electrical Contractor:

David Doyle Electrical

Building Contractor:

A&M Greens Construction Ltd 

Consultant Electrical Engineer:

Malachy Walsh & Partner 


Henry J Lyons

What We Did:

Design and commission 48 bedroom guest room system and a lighting and audio system for the hotel and spa.

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