Living Areas

REW has a wide range of practical and decorative light fittings available for areas of a house where most of your time is spent. From downlights to decorative ceiling and wall fixtures, REW can supply products which brighten up a living area with style. We have partnered with top brands such as LEDS C4, One Light, Civic, Ledvance, Ansell, Signify and Robus to provide you with a wide range of options to illuminate your home.


Kitchens are a busy place which require practical lighting for the many tasks being undertaken. REW can provide downlights and under counter solutions to iluminate work areas with high output lighting. We can also offer decorative wall and ceiling fittings to add a touch of style. Sourcing high end light fittings from top brands such as LEDS C4, One Light, Civic, Ledvance, Ansell, Signify and Robus, REW can supply you with a large array of choices for your kitchen area.


Bathrooms require specialised light fittings that protect them from elements such as moisture and dust. With a broad assortment of downlights and ornate light fittings from Europe’s top suppliers including Ledvance, Signify, Ansell and One Light, REW can deliver the best choices in the market to make your bathroom stylish and safe.

LED Strip

REW offer quality LED Strip from top brands Robus and Ledvance for application in any setting. From domestic areas to commercial areas such as offices and retail, LED tape can provide a unique and impressive look.


Lightvault is Ireland’s most innovative electrical retailing showroom, striving to be the ‘one stop shop’ for all your lighting and home control needs. We emphasize style, design and control as a valuable asset to the home by allowing our clients to indulge in light design.

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