From streetlights to bollards and stepover ground lights, REW has access to Europe’s biggest and best suppliers for Urban lighting that can help illuminate a city. We offer practical and stylish fittings to suit every budget and application no matter the size of the project.

Flood Lighting

With offerings in both residential and industrial settings from Europe’s top brands, REW can offer standard and energy saving photocell flood lights to spread the light through the night.


REW deal with the biggest and most experienced suppliers of Sport’s lighting products in Europe so you know you are in good hands no matter the size of the product. We have helped with the supply of floodlighting at local sports fields all the way to lighting big stadiums.


Enhance your garden with decorative and stylish garden lighting fittings from Europe’s top lighting companies. REW has access to a range of fittings from small bollards, uplighters, walk over ground lights and ceiling and wall fittings that can really highlight and enhance your garden.